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Until fairly recently, the notion that the political descriptor popularly known as ‘Liberal’ would be a concept that needed defining and/or redefining, had never occurred to me. Indeed, from the earliest days surrounding the advent of my political awakening, the term ‘Liberal’ has existed as an ideology whose language instantly bonds with the unseen mechanisms that power my soul. In many ways ‘Liberalism’ exists as politically factual and existential powerful.  ‘Liberalism’ seems to exist in every last synapse of my intellectual aptitude, as it inhabits the moral recesses of my personal sensibilities. 

The impetus behind the notion that ‘Liberal’ might need defining and/or redefining came to me in a fleeting moment of inspired thought. Indeed, during an inadvertent, yet common form of public transportation eavesdropping on a conversation between two human beings whom I did not know, I heard the term ‘Bleeding Heart Liberal’ used disparagingly, with the full force of derogatory intent. It was in this moment I was overcome with that familar feeling … inspiration. I had to express precisely what being a ‘Liberal’ meant … at least for personal purposes, if not for the expository benefits afforded to you, the intrepid reader. So, let’s take this thing for a ride around the block. To be sure, the pessimistic use of ‘Bleeding Heart Liberal’ did succeed in vexing the previously resilient interior of my soul.    

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I believe that humanity is exceptional. The accomplishments of mankind impress me as extraordinary. Among all of earth’s creatures, it’s humanity which is imbued with the gift of intellectual advancement. We have been blessed with the capacity for existential thought, unique to our species, which allows humanity to ponder the nature and meaning of its own existence. Horses are beautiful and majestic creatures, yet they do not possess the ability to solve mathematic equations. We may not fully understand the reasons why alligators, who have inhabited this earth for 37 million years, have failed to conjure and manipulate fire or invent plastic. We may not fully understand the reasons why our species, which has inhabited this earth for the cosmic eye-blink of 200,000 years, is the species that has been able to conjure remarkable societal and technological advancements within the span of just the last 6,000 years, including political theory and societal organization, math, science, medicine, complex construction, metallurgy, gun powder, rubber, concrete and the wheel. Indeed, human achievement has made commonplace a great many things which at one time existed on the margins of philosophical wonder. Humanity has accomplished the once inconceivable, yet we endeavor to continue our never ending search for answers. We consistently push boundaries, and challenge convention in the name of evolutionary progress through greater understanding. I am fairly certain that these lofty notions rarely, if ever, occur to birds of prey.  

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believe in the power of ‘Leadership’. Humanity performs at an optimal level when the auspices of patronage and like-minded cooperation are preeminent. The key to this is organizational leadership. Great leaders inspire those in their charge to exceed artificial expectation through confidence born of principled discipline, unfettered effort, and self-sacrifice. Great leaders do better than simply instruct, they educate. Perhaps the greatest education they provide is understanding. Understanding the awesome power of fundamental belief. Understanding the wisdom of the greater good. Understanding the invaluable nature of empathy and the indispensable value of critical thought. There is a reason that not all generals can boast of distinguished success. There is a reason that certain football coaches, baseball managers, diplomats, and Presidents leave behind legacies of transcendent influence. 

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believe in the power of ‘Education‘. In particular, the dedication to the education of America’s youth. America has always only been as strong as the informed  intelligence and confident vitality of our youth. Americans of all ages can impact proactive change in our culture, but no group does so with quite the swiftness and/or earnestness of our youth. Without question, ignorance is the handmaiden of fear, and education is the antidote to ignorance. Liberals understand the true gravity of education. Liberals understand the often understated importance of intellectual growth. We understand that this is true for intellectually capable human beings and/or emotionally astute human beings alike.  Indeed, liberals believe that all humans whether young or old. necessarily understand that the process of intellectual growth need not, and should not ever subside. There is no ‘downside’ to learning something new each blessed day on this earth. Liberals clearly understand that our time on this earth is finite, yet the positive influence and proactive impact of our lives, will long survive in the hearts and minds of those humans we graced during our time. 

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I believe that the future of humanity on mother earth is directly related to our combined ability to achieve that which makes us the most effective … cooperation. There is a pointed reality and stated jeopardy involved in the overall health and welfare of the only planet in the known universe specifically tailored to human existence. Arguments to the contrary or that aim to dismiss this reality as fiction, are not only doing damage to the fabric of this all-important discourse but also stand in strict and direct contravention of basic liberal ideals. Including but not limited to, social morality, education, empathetic behavior, and selfless notions of the greater good. The long and short of it is this – we simply can’t afford portions or percentages of human participants engaged in a life of industrialized modernity on earth, to also fail in their responsibility to participate in the respect for the environment of this earth. Liberals understand the gravity of ‘Climate Change’. Liberals do not dismiss hard science, nor do they dismiss the incredible work performed by humanities best scientists. Liberals listen to scientific consensus put forth by those charged with and dedicated to science. Be they climate scientists, geologists, rocket scientists, and/or astrophysicists. This is because liberals understand that the hard work of these individuals is done for humanities benefit. Not it’s detriment. 

Liberals abhor those humans whose attitudes towards climate change are based on short-sighted financial self-interest and callous greed. Liberals understand that in order for human beings to survive and thrive on planet earth, clean air and water will be needed, as it has always been. Liberals understand that humans need a healthy atmosphere with an equilibrium that facilitates our future survivability. Liberals understand that respect for our environment and all who share it with us is of paramount importance. Liberals understand that the earth existed without humanity before, and will survive with or without us. The earth is dispassionate when it comes to its inhabitants. Liberals champion proactive environmental policies, thoughtful adjustments and/or changes in our antiquated dependence on fossil fuels. Liberals believe in resource conservation and work that facilitates the preservation of the only planet we have ever known … our 3rd rock from the sun,  blue planet we call earth. 

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The fact of the matter is that the auspices of capitalism are anathema to liberal ideals. A human being should not ever be denied medical assistance, suffer needlessly, or perish as a result of their given financial situation. The notion that the availability, efficacy, and quality of care that a human being receives, if at all, being contingent on that human beings wealth is grotesque full stop. Liberals believe that it’s a moral abomination to deny life-saving and/or life-extending care due to the auspices of insurance coverage. Just as it’s the height of callousness and the worst of humanity, to deny insurance coverage due to ‘pre-existing conditions’ This notions all have the same moral failing in common … abject greed. In fact, one would be in good concert by comparing the auspices of universal healthcare that liberalism espouses to the dastardly nature of finance contingent healthcare.

Virtually everything wrong with the soulless, capitalist ideology that motivates human healthcare inequities, exists in lockstep with everything that liberals detest among all humans, regardless of how they might choose to define themselves. In truth, there should be no argument about the human impulse to care for the sickest, poorest of us. There should be no argument, yet there exists in one group of slavish ideologs in American body-politic. Indeed, they a shameful litany of fallacious arguments in defense of the indefensible. To be clear it’s never been a lack of resource issue, America can easily afford universal or single payer healthcare. The issue is not available resources, the issue is the basic will to enact it. The notion of human kindness driven. morally correct single-payer, universal health care for citizens of the wealthiest nation in the history of mankind, offends them to a degree so severe, that it drives them to the brink of physical illness and/or plain madness. These people are not liberal. In general, they are greedy, rigid and wholly illiberal. Liberals have a difficult time understanding these people, and why they lack observable levels of compassion. 

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That Government has an important rule to play in the lives of American citizens. Liberals believe in the inherent responsibility of citizenship. That we are only as strong as the weakest, and most vulnerable among us. That giving a helping ‘hand up’ is wholly different from a ‘handout’, but will not demonize occasional impulses towards the latter within reason. People should do what they can to help those truly in need within reason because frankly, ‘there for the grace of God…’     

In the Best of America and Americans. We Celebrate the Good Fortune of others. We almost always Hope for the Best. We almost always Grieve when it turns out for the Worst. Liberals Believe in Democracy. Liberals believe that the concept of Human Kindness is inexhaustible, and carries with it the Power of Healing.   

That Integrity is a foundational tool for building vigorous Character. Credibility is the sum total of Integrity plus Character plus Reputation. 

There is little nobility and less utility in Outsourcing Problems. As long as the problem exists one is still responsible. The means by which said problem gets solved can increase the  potential for legal jeopardy, without the benefit of responsible involvement. Liberals treat problems as opportunities to think different. 

Admire Excellence. Bestow Honor. Cherish Achievement.  

Justice Can Be Evaded Temporarily … but Never In Perpetuity. 

The importance of Standing Staunchly Opposed to All Nobles, Nations, and Notions that either Suggest or Promote … Governing by Fiat. 

Understand that Drinking Heavily causes more Problems than it solves, yet typically  don’t begrudge those who Drink. Occasional visits with the Spirits has it’s utility. 

Liberals Believe in the RULE OF LAW. We understand that the Rule of Law serves as the structural support beams which run underneath America’s Constitutional Grandstand. As such Liberals are unwavering and unequivocal in our support of the Justice Department. Those Americans represent the best and brightest law enforcement officers produced in these United States of America.  

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