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American Pop 33: Summer 2018 Editorial : The GOOD NEWS is … Also the BAD NEWS … But NOT the WORST News.

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A Sincere Message to ALL Citizens of this American Republic (Including the ‘Dreamers’ those who remain Hopeful in waiting): 

Summer 2018 is less than two weeks old, and as is custom, in less than a weeks time, we will celebrate our Nation’s 242nd Independence Day (July 4th), a day of celebration that we as Americans partake in, each and every year as a matter of healthy national pride, and cultural routine (Not to BBQ as has been erroneously asserted over time) However, this year the social fabric that drapes across our unique society, has a strange, previously unfamiliar feel to it. That ominous feeling that so many of us are experiencing at the moment is emotionally tangible. Indeed, any observer would be free of hyperbole accusation, in suggesting that America is going through a multi-tiered crisis. To wit – Social. Ethical. Moral. Even Existential. There are many reasons why our American fabric is irritating the skins of our souls, and as I am sure that you aware, this has nothing to do with fabric softener negligence. Without assigning blame for our current state of affairs, I think that we can all agree that, politically speaking (and weather-wise) America and American society is experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures. Frankly, it’s quite uncomfortable. 

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So what to do? If I might share what I have been doing the past 48 hours or so …    the process of exercising the simple, yet remarkably under utilized human ability,  namely, ‘thinking’. Specifically, I have been carefully, and to the best of my ability, divorcing myself from the emotions that have been running crazy hot through my veins the past 3 weeks, as evidenced by several incidents of over-heating. Caution: ‘Crimes against women and children tend to cause morally fueled indignation’.

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If for nothing else, I felt that I really needed to reassess my position, and yes, I even engaged in the often unpalatable behavior of assuming those opinions that I find morally abhorrent … to be correct.  I did that which is often advised, but rarely followed process of stopping, taking a deep breath (several concurrently), and then ‘consider’ and/or ”ponder’ the following question(s)… ie. “What if I have been mistaken (aka wrong) this entire time?” I had to seriously consider that I may have been. Which frankly, is a horrifying  notion when you are as outspoken a social media activist/ writer as I am. Indeed, this possibility is horrifying to ALL of us. So, because we are human beings, supremely talented in all manner of defense mechanisms  associated with denial and/or avoidance of the uncomfortable,  we tend to obfuscate issues. Sometimes by placing blame (ie blaming victims for being victimized) Sometimes by deflecting, shunning, or flat-out ignoring, life’s harsher realities.

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Multiply these very natural behaviors ten fold when the issues are public, and your team colors are a matter of public record. All of that said, and in the most truthful and sincere ways afforded my rationale, I was able to reassert my position as being ethically correct, and morally just. This will only come as a surprise (to the extent that it does at all) to those who simply disagree for the sake of disagreement, and/or committed beyond reasonable consideration their position regardless of moral implication. To wit, the following is true: A. Confiscating children (many of them toddlers) from the arms of their rightful parents, is MORALLY WRONG as both process and operation. The now defunct policy (we think) was implemented under the auspices of callousness, as it was conceived under moons that America had long since abandoned. In plainer English, this so-called ‘Child Separation’ policy had amoral intent at best, and more likely than not, was motivated by bigoted notions.  B. Moreover, what man-made law is infallible? None. Even our Constitution has had amendment after amendment added to it, while other elemental problems (aka Laws) were abandoned. C. If this is true than the following is also true … morally responsible behavior occasionally supersedes ‘legally sanctioned’ poor behavior.     

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As stated earlier, there were specific reasons why I needed to take a step back to review, process, consume, and ingest objective TRUTH … regardless of how I might personally feel about it. The most consequential reason however, was the paramount importance of understanding my position(s) to be ethically correct, and morally sound. Why? Because those concepts exist as the unique links, and unassailable bonds to our humanity. When we run afoul of these concepts the damage may not be immediately obvious. Then one day something morally obscene happens, thus causing us to turn and notice that some of our fellow human beings (presumably grounded in some way to righteousness) whom haven’t a moral concern in the world, and compound that problem with recalcitrant defensive postures. 

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Soul horrifying is the moment of this realization, to wit, the conspicuous absence of the special gifts that measurably make us human exceptional, rather than base human.  To be clear humanity was born with responsibility, specifically those that manifest for the dominant life form on this earth. Indeed, humans are imbued with intellectual capabilities that every other animal species that has ever existed, cannot conceive of, let alone wish to aspire. Example: Alligators have been on earth since the time of the dinosaurs (ie. much. much. much longer than human beings) yet somehow, they can’t build skyscrapers, nor aspire to do so. They are not capable of conceiving human morality, ethics and/or law etc. Humans are special that way.  

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The (now extravagantly long) point being conveyed is this – In every instance in which we choose to reject out of hand that which is true, blithely ignore the ‘givens’ of our long agreed upon socio-political ethics, and as a result disregard our moral responsibilities … we become that much less human, while regressing into the illusion of comfort that ‘tribalism’ offers. The serious problem(s) with those attitudes and subsequent behaviors are not immediately obvious, so I’ll go ahead and state the eminently reasonable notion that modern humanity has no need for ‘tribes’ … with the exception of the ‘human tribe’. The ‘false comfort’ offered by tribalism is an illusion created by, and imbued with … Fear. The fact of the matter is that ‘tribalism’ leads to the abject mistreatment of other humans using fallacious justifications which run along arbitrary, albeit lowest common denominator lines: Ethnicity. Race. Religion. Geography. Tribalism turns what should simply be the harmonious notion of  ‘US’ into the disharmony of ‘THEM vs ‘US” 

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Attitudes and behaviors associated with ‘Tribalism’ stand antithetical to the better angels of human nature … every time. No exceptions.  In closing,  I feel it appropriate to add that blind, indignant, recalcitrant thoughts and positions are not gifts, they are malignancies on our society. America is the only nation in the history of humankind to be successfully developed and built … on  noble ideals. We’re not defined by any one race in America, but we are Americans. Even though we started out failing to honor the ideals set forth in the Constitution that still binds us, we changed course. We made corrections. We have always be able to fall back on the bedrock of American law, ethics, and moral foundations. Perhaps the best example of this is my right to author this expression that you just (hopefully) read.   

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P.S. You may have noticed that I was careful not to mention his name in this essay. This was for specific reasons and served multiple purposes. Not the least of them is not wanting this essay decried as ‘hysterical’, ‘pollyannish’, and/or mistakenly viewed through the illusionary lens of ‘tribalism‘. Lastly, Truth is always the Truth. It cares nothing for how you feel about it. It never has, and frankly, it never will. Nevertheless, we need truth  to successfully if not, proactively exist in this world. This reality is not unlike how we need clean air to breathe. A LIE or ‘lying’ is not only immensely disrespectful to our body politic, it’s also dangerous to the peace and stability of our world. As a bizarre bonus that compounds the jeopardy, lies will never positively advance this world. Lies will always exist as being worthless to arguments of moral and/or ethical value …  Indeed, lies are certainly of no greater value than the 3-Card Monty form in which they are un-originally presented.     

Happy July 4th!!! 

Thanks for Reading. 

Ralphael Prepetit  /  Editor in Chief 

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