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A Comphrehensive Examination of the Consequence Behind ‘Conspiracy Theory’ 

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Would you like to play a game?  Outstanding! ‘American Pop’  is posing the following questions that have a long-standing historical reputation for inspiring conspiracy theory. That said, and in the interest of personal enlightenment through entertainment. Please answer the questions below (in the privacy of your mind) Using the 1st answer/thought that comes to you.

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A.   Was the JFK Assassination the work of one unhinged malcontent lunatic, or was it a top-secret operation involving the C.I.A. and/or Organized Crime?

B.   In 1969 did the United States of America (NASA) send astronauts to the moon, or did the government conduct an international hoax from a Hollywood soundstage?

C.   Is Global Warming a serious environmental problem or a hoax created and driven by partisan politics? 

D.   Do you believe the recorded history that approximately 6 million human beings of Jewish descent were summarily executed in European concentration camps during World War II?  Or, in direct contrast, do you believe that assertion is false, and nothing more than a fabrication and/or myth created by Zionist agenda?    

Unsolicited Public Service Announcement  

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(Please Excuse the Random Non Sequitur) 

Thanks for playing!  It’s greatly appreciated. (Ok, we’re officially done with the obligatory niceties, now back to the original program). Did you know? As an American there is a better than 50% chance that at least one, if not all of your immediate thoughts and/or answers to the questions above will dismiss notions firmly rooted in factual evidence, in favor of the unsubstantiated notions of speculative conspiracy. If your thoughts and/or answers happen to place you in the conspiratorial 50%, that’s fine. There is no need to fret, be dismayed, or even exhibit pride, because the fact of the matter is that as human beings we are innately susceptible to all manner of conspiracy and conspiratorial thinking. It’s very common for human beings to entertain notions of conspiracy and indulge in hoax hypotheses. This is especially true when we are  confronted with the unsettling emotions we experience in response to the occurrence random, unfortunate (typically tragic) events in the world, and to a lesser extent, this may manifest in our personal lives as well. Moreover, humans are quite susceptible to fear, which plays directly into conspiratorial thinking, since it uses fear or assumed threat(s) as its primary fuel. The severity and depths of our conspiracy is directly related to our emotional equilibrium. For example, the more manic and/or frantic a person might be, the more likely their imaginations will actively search for sinister cause and effect, hidden patterns, and assumed scapegoats … Even if clear eyed reality states  … that these things don’t exist.  

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Historical Fact Re: Conspiracy Theory –   The term ‘Witch Hunt’ is the unattractive progeny of widespread conspiratorial thinking. It has survived in the lexicon of American pop culture since the ‘Salem Witch Trials’ of the late 17th century (1693).

In truth, the genesis of our predilection to conspiratorial thinking comes from within, and is accelerated by the nature of our emotional state, and the powerful influence of our personal biases. Without question, human beings almost always benefit greatly from consistent and healthy consultations with our self-awareness. This is especially true with excessive thoughts of conspiracy. The issue of serious concern can be found under the heading of ‘observable emotional jeopardy’ and ‘societal danger’. I am referring specifically, to the virulent spread and marked rise of trust erosion. Left unchecked, conspiratorial thought can be taken to unproductive, certainly unhealthy levels. Excessive conspiracy leads to the negative outcomes that metastasized trust erosion routinely manifests. Increased levels of reduced trust is not personal or societal productive. Be it institutional, societal, professional, family, and personal – none of them stand likely to improve from trust erosion … at all.

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The debilitating effects of trust erosion are easily made manifest when ‘normal’ patterns of thinking, complete with (highly recommended) reasonable skepticism, intellectual scrutiny, and factual critiques, are abandoned in favor of severe forms of bastardized notions. In other words, they become the irrational handmaidens of unsounded reasoning, and unfounded  fears. Indeed, when conspiratorial thought is allowed to get rolling, what was once merely ‘healthy’ conspiracy consideration, becomes absent from class and missing from campus, with superior quickness. Indeed, unchecked conspiracy thinking universally devolves into insidious thought processes, which are imbued with virulent potential for societal hazard. 

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Ironically, the impulse to lean towards conspiracy exists because in terms of the normal process of our rationality, they (conspiracy) tend to feel quite natural. The problem is that this form of cognitive thinking is not legally, ethically required to be supported by hard evidence, or be rooted in truth at all.  It’s important to understand that we have serious and professional human beings who are scientists. physicists, astronomers, doctors, geologists, journalists, lawyers, and politicians for very good, and beneficial  reasons that cannot and should not ever be understated. As long as we (human beings)  retain healthy levels of reasonable skepticism, and remain consistent in our vigilance by    dutifully questioning those authorities, we’re doing our part for ourselves and for our society at large. This begs an existential question, what could be more American than a willingness to cooperate, the progress that working together for the purpose of maintaining the social solvency and overall success of humanities greatest social experiment, the United States of America? Hint: The answer has very little to do with ‘Conspiracy’. Reason: ‘Conspiracy’ reduces an individuals power to change the world, and as a result the world does not and will not improve. To be clear, the aforementioned notion is completely separate from the legitimate, investigative sound, journalistic  processes involved in exposing actual conspiracy borne of malfeasance.  

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For the sake of clarity, it is important to acknowledge that malevolent actors do exist in this world. Indeed, there are individuals and/or collections of individuals (ie groups), lurking in the ether, who indulge in hate, and seek to do damage to ethnic individuals, as well as anyone who might emphatize, identify, and/or choose to peacefully cooexist with and/or among them in our society. This is an undeniable reality. That said, also true is that at the same time those persons, groups, organizations or otherwise undefinable entities, exist only as a statistically benign, and/or very small, very select minority. Just enough for us to be aware of them, but not nearly enough for us to be afraid of them. The reason that we can feel relatively secure, if not indulge ever fleeting notions of safety is the existence of societal trust.      

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In truth, it’s the concept of ‘Trust’ and the execution of cooperation, that keeps the often stressed damaged, yet remarkably resilient, social fabric of America together. The fact of the matter is that the United States is a dynamic society that remains as dynamic and relentlessly challenged today as it has been since it’s inception. America is a nation conceived of principled ideals. America is a nation born into the sinful grips of moral obscenity.  Yet, America was raised and continues to develop under the profound auspices of it’s constitutional ideals. Indeed, it’s a typically unspoken, certainly understaed notion, however, there is hidden magic in being an American. This unique form of magic holds inherent residence in behind the gates of our guilded aspirations, reflecting existential  rays of eternal hope that human freedom inspires. Indeed, with each passing day we are part of human  history, as citizens of the greatest social experiment in the history of mankind.  

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  Q:  JFK Assassination:  ‘Angry Little Nut’ gunmen or Secret Government Plot?

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Conspiracy Theory:  A rogue shadow government operating within the United States government (i.e. the C.I.A.) actively conspired with specific like minded members of the American mafia, in addition to a few ancillary players from the criminal underground, planned, implemented, and finally executed the November 22nd 1963 cold-blooded murder of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.

Factual Realties:   Indeed, the ‘Kennedy Assassination‘ is perhaps America’s most compelling, puzzling, but certainly intriguing event from the 20th century. The factual realities of this event are frankly, quite varied. As a result, this makes it difficult to sort out of points of contradiction, from truth and from any inconsistencies. Which of course,  makes it extremely difficult to form a definitive, rational and factually sound conclusion. Chief among these problems/variations/interpretations, is that there are at least three separate U.S. government agencies who’ve investigated this assassination. With each agency determining differing conclusions that span the full range of  ‘slightly’ to ‘greatly’ different. After 50 (+) years, there is till cloudy skies surrounding the JFK assassination and the circumstance of events leading to, and following it. I just report these things, the only thing I know for sure is that I damn sure … didn’t do it. 

A.   The original ‘official findings’ from the government can be found in the ‘Warren Commission  Report’ released on September 24th 1964. In short, it claims that the accused gunman Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone, fired all the shots from the book depository, two of these bullets striking and wounding Kennedy, and at least one of them fatally.

B.   In 1976, The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) re-investigated the JFK assassination as well as the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. Upon completion in 1978, the committee pointedly stated that the ‘Warren Commission’ – “Performed with “varying degrees of competency” and that the investigation into the possibility of a conspiracy was “inadequate”. With that assertion serving as contextual presupposition, the final conclusion from the HSCA stood in contradiction to the ‘Warren Report’. It concluded that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.  

C.   In 1998, some 20 years later, the U.S. Justice Department released a memo to the House Judiciary Committee, stating that the Assistant Attorney General (AGA) had  formally reviewed the HSCA recommendations from the 1979 report. Concluding that – In applying consideration of the investigative conclusions posited by the FBI’s Technical Services Division, as well as the National Academy of Science Committee, that “Reliable acoustic data do not support a conclusion that there was a second gunman” concluding “That no persuasive evidence can be identified to support the theory of a conspiracy in … the assassination of President Kennedy.” 

Conclusion:   As you can clearly ascertain, the factual realities of the JFK assassination  conspiracy theory, are cloudy at best, diametrically opposed at present, and more likely than not, never to be known for absolute certain.    

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Q:   Did the United States of America (NASA) FAKE the 1969 Moon Landing?

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Conspiracy Theory:  The United States of America and NASA specifically, never actually sent astronauts to the moon, choosing instead to broadcast a fictional staged film event from a Hollywood soundstage.  

Factual Realties:  Believe it or not a remarkable percentage of Americans believe that the televised Apollo 11 Mission Moon Landing of July 16th 1969 was intentionally planned and produced as a world-wide hoax and/or politically motivated fake. That said, there exist a litany of credible and factually verifiable exculpatory evidence. Here are but three:

A.   Did you know?  The production costs involved, in addition to the complexity and obligatory complications involved with a live, real-time broadcast would’ve been equal or greater than the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of almost every nation on earth … and greater than the whole of the NASA budget for multiple years. Indeed, the facts state that efforts to recreate the lighting of a moon environment in a closed studio environment would have been outlandishly, absurdly, certainly prohibitively expensive. That is, to the extent that it was technologically possible in the first place, which as it turns out … it wasn’t. This has been verified by any number of leading ‘Video Forensic Specialists’ and film industry ‘Production Designers‘. There was no computer graphic technology in 1969.  

B.   In 1969, there were over 400,000 people employed at NASA. Can nearly a 1/2 million human beings keep a secret that large, with that kind of political jeopardy and national  consequence? My educated, highly human experienced guess is … Probably not.

C.   Scientists from the nations of England, Spain, and Australia can confirm that each nation independently picked up the July 16th 1969 video broadcast signal from outer space in real-time. There would not have been a signal to pick up if a U.S. moon lander  module and astronauts like Neil Armstrong, were not in fact … at the moon.  Also, the Apollo 11 astronauts left ‘Retro-Reflectors’ on the surface of the moon, which remain there today exactly in place. Astronomers routinely shoot laser lights at them to see the reflection.  

Conclusion:  Of all the issues of consequence that human beings are forced to consider on a daily basis, the issue of conspiracy surrounding the moon landing would seem the archetype of plain absurdity. Yes, our factual finding based on evidence and rationality, is that on July 16th 1969  the United States of America (NASA) did in fact travel to, land and then have astronauts Neil Armstrong (Mission Commander) and Buzz Aldrin (Pilot)  walk on the surface of the moon in real-time broadcast. They also left ‘Retro-Reflectors’ behind for any person so inclined to see.    

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Q:  Global Warming: Hoax or Serious Environmental Issue?  

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Conspiracy Theory:  Scientifically unfounded belief that the entire environmental issue and well pronounced concept of Global Warming is actually a sinister hoax being perpetrated by agenda driven environmentalists who wish to subdue and/or handicap the progress of Big Energy, and similar industries through unnecessary regulation.

Factual Realties:  If we were living in a perfect world, by this advanced date of June 10th of 2018, there would not be any pointed disagreement or vehement opposition to the profound consequential issue of ‘Climate Change’ aka ‘Global Warming’, etc. But as you might have guessed, in the event you failed to observe, this is far from a perfect world. Full disclosure, the issue ‘Climate Change’ personally commands a great deal of concern on the part of your author. Frankly, I believe it to be too serious a problem to have to argue, however we currently have a POTUS who just skipped the ever important  ‘Climate Change’ part of the International G7 Summit. The ‘leader of the free world is a global warming skeptic and inexplicably boastful science denier. How awful. Anyway, factual realities …

A.   Inescapable Fact:  The 1st Scientifically Critical number is:  400 part​s per million. As of 2016, that figure represents the concentration of Carbon Dioxide  (CO2)​​​​​​​  in the atmosphere of our planet Earth. Not an issue until you take into account that this concentration is the highest witnessed by human beings on this earth, and the highest   in over 3 million years. Problem: Carbon Dioxide (CO2)​​​​​​​  is the primary driving force that accelerates the warming of our atmosphere, the warmer planet Earth, the worse for us. 

B.   Inescapable Fact:  The 2nd  Scientifically Critical number is:  97%. That represents is the percentage of professionally accredited scientists from around the entire world, who unanimously agree that the global warming trends over the past century (100 years) are extremely  likely to be caused by human activity such as ‘Deforestation’ and the processes involved with the acquisition and burning of ‘Fossil Fuels’. To be clear that’s 9 3/4  out of every 10 scientists (aka really smart professionals who know of what they speak) the world over. That’s a virtual universal scientific consensus. That does not occur easily or without good reason. Our scientists understand that this incredibly high probability, if not intelligently assumed reality … represents a very serious problem.  

C.   Inescapable Fact:  The 3rd  Scientifically Critical number is: 8 inches. This represents the measured rise in sea level globally, over the course of the last century. By historical comparison, this measured speed of sea level rise is an increase of nearly double, from the two previous decades (20 years). 8 inches might on its face not strike most people as monumental in meaning. However, that’s exactly what it portends, monumental problems and unenviable situations for coastal nations, cities, and communities the world over, including two of our major cities here in America. Specifically, Miami, Florida, and the island of Manhattan, in New York City.   

Conclusion:  It is the height of irresponsibility for our political leadership, be it local, state-wide, and certainly on the national level, to willfully dismiss and/or flatly ignore the very real issue of climate change. There is no confusion about ‘Climate Change’.  It’s damn sure not a secret, to the extent that it ever was. That said, any and all efforts to curtail efforts to combat climate change research, including the politically motivated use and cynical implementation of conspiracy theory for poor excuse purposes, frankly speaking, are at the same time a serious dereliction of public duty and honorable service, as well as inexplicably ignorant, and morally obscene. 


The United State of America has always had more than it’s share of challenges, most of them unique to life here, and many of them as unsurprising as they are unprecedented. Unsurprising because America exists as the only nation on earth that is philosophically motivated primarily by an idea. That makes our societal D.N.A. as unusual as it is unprecedented. There have been growing pains and challenges each and every step of our 241 year way.  We’ve always met those challenges and although it’s never a Norman Rockwell painting, we eventually overcome them. There is truth to the notion that in many ways overcoming  challenges and social obstacles are expressly the reason this nation continues to exist. We’ve accomplished all that we’ve accomplished without the ‘aid’ and/or ‘use’ of ‘conspiracy’ and over indulgence in ‘conspiracy theory’. No sir, the roots of this successful union remains the fact that this great nation was created by the people, and for the people. America’s continued societal coalescence and observable growth will always require the useful tools of good faith, moral certitude, goodwill, understanding and trust …  Trust in ourselves and in others (including trusted institutions and professionals) affords all of us the tools needed to properly inform ourselves, and they manner in which we think about ourselves and others. Cooperation and trust can aid in exposing the truly bad actors in this world. This is a powerful tool which can and will, inevitably protect all members of our society.  

Lastly, the truth is that over indulgence in unfounded conspiracy might satisfy a rational need for explanation and/or control of the unfortunate events in this world, but it’s important to remember that at best it’s an illusion of band-aid strength, and at worst it breeds a virulent strain of  societal distrust. I Can’t think of any monumental human achievement in recorded history, in which distrust was either indispensable or at all useful … can you? 





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